Theatre and Dance

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All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice. Updates may be found on the Academic Senate website:


Steven Adler, MFA, Stage Management and Directing

Andrei Both, MFA, Emeritus, Scenic Design

Marco Barricelli, MFA, Acting

Alan Burrett, GCE (UK), Lighting Design

Frantisek Deak, PhD, Emeritus, Criticism and Theory

Judith A. Dolan, PhD, Costume Design, Associate Dean, Division of Arts and Humanities

Kyle Donnelly, MFA, Acting and Directing

Deborah M. Dryden, MFA, Emerita, Costume/Set Design

Nadine George-Graves, PhD, Dramatic Literature and Dance History

Allyson Green, MFA, Emerita, Dance

Allan Havis, MFA, Playwriting

Jorge A. Huerta, PhD, Emeritus, Dramatic Literature

Naomi Iizuka, MFA, Playwriting

James Ingalls, BFA, Emeritus, Lighting Design (Adjunct)

Walt Jones, MFA, Emeritus, Directing/Acting/Sound Design

Marianne McDonald, PhD, Dramatic Literature

Victoria Petrovich, MFA, Design

Lisa Porter, MFA, Stage Management

Adele Edling Shank, MA, Emerita, Playwriting

Theodore Shank, PhD, Emeritus, Directing

Janet Smarr, PhD, Dramatic Literature and Italian Studies

Yolande Snaith, BA, Dance

Gabor Tompa, PhD, Directing

Arthur Wagner, PhD, Emeritus, Acting

Les Waters, BA, Emeritus, Directing

James R. Winker, MFA, Emeritus, Acting

Shahrokh Yadegari, PhD, Sound Design/Composition/Audio Technology

Associate Professors

Robert Castro, MFA, Acting, Directing, Chicano Literature

Liam Clancy, MFA, Dance

Mary Corrigan, MA, Emerita, Voice

Tony Curiel, MA, Emeritus, Chicano Literature, Acting

Tara Knight, MFA, Projection Design

John Rouse, PhD, Emeritus, Dramatic Literature

Emily Roxworthy, PhD, Dramatic Literature

Kim Rubinstein, BS, Acting

Jonathan Saville, PhD, Emeritus, Literature/Criticism

Gregory Wallace, MFA, Head of Graduate Acting

Assistant Professors

Julie Burelle, PhD, Dramatic Literature

Deborah Stein, MFA, Playwriting

Senior Lecturers with Security of Employment

Eva W. Barnes, MFA, Speech and Acting

James Carmody, PhD, Dramatic Literature

Margaret Marshall, MFA, Emerita, Ballet, Dance History, Choreography

Ursula Meyer, MFA, Voice and Acting

Charlie Oates, MFA, Movement and Acting

Patricia A. Rincón, MFA, Modern and Jazz Dance

Lecturers with Security of Employment

Eric Geiger, MA, Dance

Chuck Means, BA, Stage Management

Lecturer with Potential Security of Employment

Mark Guirguis, MFA, Head of Undergraduate Design


Kristin Arcidiacono, MA, Dance

Maria Caligagan, Dance

Tony Caligagan, Dance

Sandra Foster-King, MFA, Dance

Gerhard Gessner, MA, Movement

Jean Isaacs, BA, Emerita, Dance

Alicia E. Rincón, MFA, Dance

Todd Salovey, MFA, Acting and Directing

Tonnie Sammartano, BA, Dance

Judith A. Sharp, BS, Dance

Alison Dietterle Smith, MFA, Dance

Linda Vickerman, DMA, Singing

Kim Walsh, MFA, Acting

Terry Wilson, MFA, Dance