Cal-BRAIN co-director Ralph Greenspan

California Brain Research Program Underway

Cal-BRAIN—a statewide research grants program that aims to revolutionize our understanding of the brain—is officially underway. The first call for proposals has gone out, and the program expects to announce its first awards in early 2015.

Undergraduate teaching laboratories

Science Labs Get $6.5 Million Makeover to Help Students Graduate in Four Years

Four undergraduate teaching laboratories for biology and chemistry students have undergone a $6.5 million makeover as part of implementation of the UC San Diego Strategic Plan. The renovated labs in York Hall will eliminate a key barrier to students accessing impacted laboratory science courses—making it easier for them to graduate in four years.

Biochemist Frederick Sanger

A Man of Letters, Carefully Sequenced

On Nov. 5, a daylong symposium in honor of the famed British biochemist Frederick Sanger will be held at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. Sanger, who died last year, is best known for winning the Nobel Prize for chemistry twice. The list of symposium speakers reflects Sanger’s celebrated status. Three Nobel laureates – David Baltimore, Hamilton Smith and Roger Kornberg will be in attendance, along with Stanley Norman Cohen, who is credited with co-inventing DNA cloning and recombinant DNA technologies.

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