Shirley Meng

Power to the Batteries: New Center Promises Better Batteries for Low-Carbon Future

Better solar panels and wind turbines are important to helping ensure a low-carbon future. But they are not enough. The energy from these intermittent sources must be stored, managed, converted and accessed when it’s needed most. And the cost of the battery systems that do this work needs to drop. This is where the new Sustainable Power and Energy Center at UC San Diego comes in.

Students from Gompers Preparatory Academy

A Cord of Confidence

Each spring, UC San Diego hosts a series of receptions to welcome a special group of incoming students—Chancellor’s Associates Scholars. Most of these students are the first in their families to embark upon a university education. Many come from underserved areas of San Diego and Imperial counties.

Staff at San Diego Composites Inc.

Alumnus Reaches for the Stars

When Robert Kolozs, a UC San Diego alumnus, toured the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral late last year, he had a sudden revelation: if everything went well, the spacecraft parts his company manufactured would someday share an exhibit with the space shuttle and the Saturn V rocket used during the Apollo missions.

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