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Office of the Provost, Revelle College

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Humanities/Writing Program

Galbraith Hall 180, Revelle College

See “Humanities.”

Revelle Honors Program

Office of the Provost, Revelle College

Particularly well-prepared students are invited to join a freshman honors program, which includes weekly participation in small faculty seminars (Revelle 20). Acceptance into the Honors Program at admission is automatic for Regents Scholars as well as those students entering with a high school GPA of 3.8 or higher and verbal and math SAT scores of 700 or higher. Admission to the program winter quarter is offered to those who achieve a 3.7 GPA in at least twelve graded units taken at UC San Diego during the fall quarter. A variety of other perquisites are also awarded. Outstanding students are individually advised to participate in small honors classes in chemistry, mathematics, physics, and social science.

Outstanding seniors are selected for participation in honors seminars, Revelle 100 and 110. At least five outstanding graduating seniors are honored at graduation each year with a monetary honorarium.

An honors banquet is given for the top two hundred students (from all class levels) in Revelle each spring.

Revelle Seminars

Office of the Provost, Revelle College

Revelle Seminars 90 (1.0 unit credit) are sponsored by Revelle College to promote student/ faculty interaction in a small group setting.