Staff Employee of the Year awardees

Staff Members Honored for Care and Commitment at Employee of the Year Awards

As head of food services at the Early Childhood Education Center, Angel Huerta is responsible for preparing and distributing three meals a day to more than 200 children. Huerta was named UC San Diego’s Principal Exemplary Staff Employee of the Year and was honored, along with nine other staff members, for inspiring significant positive change in support of the campus’ mission.

honey bees

Tiny Parasite May Contribute to Declines in Honey Bee Colonies by Infecting Larvae

Biologists at UC San Diego have discovered that a tiny single-celled parasite may have a greater-than-expected impact on honey bee colonies, which have been undergoing mysterious declines worldwide for the past decade.

Jamie Schiffer

Molecules in Motion

Video games transport players into richly imagined alternate worlds rendered by graphics processing units, GPUs, within game controllers. Chemists have begun using arrays of these same GPUs to explore another world, this one real: the motion of molecules as they interact with each other and their environment. Jamie Schiffer, a graduate student in chemistry and biochemistry at UC San Diego, used this approach to follow the motion of two proteins that influence how much energy is available at the surface of heart muscle cells.

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