Structural Engineering

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All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.


R. J. Asaro, PhD

Y. Bazilevs, PhD, Vice Chair

D. J. Benson, PhD, Emeritus

J. S. Chen, PhD

J. P. Conte, PhD

A. W. Elgamal, PhD

G. A. Hegemier, PhD, Emeritus

T. Hutchinson, PhD, PE

H. Kim, PhD, Vice Chair

J. B. Kosmatka, PhD

P. Krysl, PhD

F. Kuester, PhD

F. Lanza di Scalea, PhD

J. E. Luco, PhD

G. Mosqueda, PhD

Y. Qiao, PhD

J. Restrepo, PhD

F. Seible, PhD, PE, Emeritus

P. B. Shing, PhD, Chair

M. Todd, PhD,

C. M. Uang, PhD

Associate Professors

V. Eliasson, PhD

H. A. Kim, PhD

K. J. Loh, PhD

J. S. McCartney, PhD

Q. Zhu, PhD

Lecturer with Security of Employment

Y. Van Den Einde, PhD

Affiliated Faculty

C. Farrar, PhD, Adjunct Professor

P. J. Fox, PhD, Adjunct Professor

F. Hemez, PhD, Adjunct Professor

Professional Research Staff

G. Benzoni, PhD, Research Scientist

B. Kad, PhD, Research Scientist

J. Lu, PhD, Associate Project Scientist

I. Tomac, Assistant Research Scientist