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All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.

Education Studies (EDS) at UC San Diego offers the Master of Education Degree/California Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential for elementary school teachers; the Master of Education Degree/California Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential in English, world language, mathematics, biology, chemistry, geosciences, and physics for secondary school teachers; the Master of Arts in Deaf Education; the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with an emphasis in curriculum design (not currently accepting applications); the Joint Doctor of Education (JDP) with California State University, San Marcos, in Educational Leadership; the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education: Transforming Education in a Diverse Society; and three undergraduate minors in Education Studies.

A primary focus of the Education Studies Program is to provide equity of educational access for all students in public schools. This goal is actualized through the academic and field components of each of our programs. We require candidates to master the subject matter that they will teach and develop a repertoire of effective teaching practices that utilize their students’ cultural knowledge and language diversity as educational resources.

Undergraduate Programs

Minors in Education Studies

The Education Studies Program offers three specific minor programs. These minors are designed for students considering K–12 teaching as a career; those interested in teaching at the college level; and students who are interested in becoming better, more reflective learners. The minor in Education Studies provides course work and field experience for students interested in elementary teaching, or for English, mathematics, science, or engineering students who decide to pursue teaching during their junior or senior years. The Mathematics and Science Education minors explore teaching and learning practices specific to these disciplines along with the components of the knowledge base necessary to teach K–12 science and mathematics successfully. All courses for these minors must be taken for a letter grade except for EDS 39 and EDS 139. Depending on students’ majors and career plans, they may select from the following minor options:

Minor in Education Studies

Students must complete a minimum of one practicum course in Teaching and Learning (EDS 130, 134, 136, 138, 128AB, or 129ABC) and a minimum of one course from two of the remaining three categories of Learning Environments (EDS 114, 115, 118, 119), Language and Culture (EDS 117 or 125), or School and Society (EDS 126 or 125).

Students planning to apply for the UC San Diego graduate credential program must take specific courses in all four categories above (except for the minor in Mathematics Education, and the minor in Science Education). These two minors have their own specific courses, described below. Please contact EDS for specific minor courses that meet the prerequisite requirements for admission to the graduate credential program. The EDS minor requires a minimum of twelve units in EDS courses. A maximum of twelve units of practicum (EDS 139) may be applied to this minor (minimum total of twenty-eight quarter units).

Minor in Mathematics Education
Minor in Science Education

Students interested in pursuing a graduate teaching credential program at UC San Diego should contact EDS for the specific prerequisite requirements for admission to the UC San Diego graduate credential program.