Academic Integrity

When you chose to become a member of the University of California, San Diego community, you affirmed your commitment to excellence with integrity. Integrity is defined by five fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility and the pledge to stand up courageously for those values, even when you expect that the circumstances or results of doing so may be unpleasant (adapted from the definition of academic integrity provided by the International Center for Academic Integrity).

Think about why you chose UC San Diego. Perhaps it was for the tremendous learning opportunities we provide. Perhaps it was for our stellar international reputation. Regardless of your reason, integrity will be critical to achieving your goals because there can be no excellence without integrity.

Be informed. UC San Diego is a unique community. Discover the role you play in ensuring excellence with integrity. You can learn more about academic integrity at UC San Diego by visiting the peer educators and resources in the Academic Integrity Office, exploring, or reading UC San Diego’s Policy on Integrity of Scholarship. Also, be sure to talk with your instructors and teaching assistants for the standards specific to your class.

Be involved. Living, working, and studying with integrity are a continuous process that requires your active involvement and commitment. Volunteer as an AI peer educator, be appointed as an Academic Integrity Review Board member, or take on an ethical leadership role with another student organization.

Be informed. Be involved. Be excellent with integrity.