Film Studies

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Allan Havis, MFA, Theatre and Dance


Steven Adler, MFA, Theatre and Dance

Elizabeth Cartwright, PhD, Communication

Alain J.-J. Cohen, PhD, Literature

Stephen D. Cox, PhD, Literature

R. Michael Davidson, PhD, Literature

Walton Jones, MFA, Emeritus, Theatre and Dance

Bennetta Jules-Rosette, PhD, Sociology

Marianne McDonald, PhD, Theatre

Paul Pickowicz, PhD, History

Lesley Stern, PhD, Visual Arts, Emerita

Yingin Zhang, PhD, Literature

Associate Professors

Robert Cancel, PhD, Literature

James Carmody, PhD, Theatre and Dance

Brian Goldfarb, PhD, Communication

Susan Smith, PhD, Visual Arts, Emerita

Winifred Woodhull, PhD, Literature

Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment

Ursula Meyer, MFA, Theatre and Dance