Ethnic Studies

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All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice. Updates may be found on the Academic Senate website:


Patrick W. Anderson, Associate Professor, Joint Appointment with Communication

Kirstie A. Dorr, PhD, Assistant Professor

Fatima El-Tayeb, Associate Professor, Joint Appointment with Literature

Yen Le Espiritu, PhD, Professor

Ross H. Frank, PhD, Associate Professor

Dayo Gore, PhD, Associate Professor

Mattie Harper, Assistant Professor

Jillian Hernandez, Assistant Professor

Sara C. Kaplan, PhD, Associate Professor

Roshanak Kheshti, PhD, Associate Professor

Curtis F. Marez, PhD, Associate Professor

Gabriel Mendes, PhD, Assistant Professor

Shelly Streeby, PhD, Professor, Joint Appointment with Literature

Daphne Taylor-Garcia, PhD, Assistant Professor

Kamala Visweswaran, PhD, Professor

Kalindi A. Vora, PhD, Associate Professor

K. Wayne Yang, PhD, Associate Professor

Professors Emeriti

Roberto R. Alvarez, PhD

Lisa Lowe, PhD

Ana Celia Zentella, PhD

Affiliated Faculty

Luis A. Alvarez, Associate Professor, History

John D. (Jody) Blanco, Associate Professor, Literature

Boatema Boateng, Associate Professor, Communication

David Borgo, Associate Professor, Music

Robert Cancel, Associate Professor, Literature

Gloria Chacon, Assistant Professor, Education Studies

Thandeka Chapman, Associate Professor, Education Studies

Dennis Childs, Assistant Professor, Literature

Francis Contreras, Associate Professor, Education Studies

Anthony Davis, Professor, Music

Zeinabu Davis, Professor, Communication

Ricardo R. Dominguez, Associate Professor, Visual Arts

Gerald D. Doppelt, Professor, Philosophy

Steve P. Erie, Director, Urban Studies and Planning Program and Professor, Political Science

Ivan T. Evans, Professor, Sociology

Camille F. Forbes, Associate Professor, Literature

Nadine A. George, Professor, Theatre and Dance

Jessica Graham, Assistant Professor, History

David Gutiérrez, Professor, History

Joseph Hankins, Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Michael Hardimon, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Louis J. Hock, Professor, Visual Arts

Tara Javidi, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sara E. Johnson, Assistant Professor, Literature

Makeba Jones, Lecturer (PSOE), Education Studies

Bennetta Jules-Rosette, Professor, Sociology

Martha Lampland, Associate Professor, Critical Gender Studies and Sociology

Jin-Kyung Lee, Associate Professor, Korean and Comparative Literature

James Lin, Professor, Mathematics

George (Jorge) Mariscal, Professor, Literature

Luis Martin-Cabrera, Assistant Professor, Literature

John C. Moore, Professor, Linguistics

Elizabeth Newsome, Associate Professor, Visual Arts

Kyong Dong Park, Professor, Visual Arts

Vanesa Ribas, Assistant Professor, Sociology

Emily Roxworthy, Assistant Professor, Theatre and Dance

Rosaura Sánchez, Professor, Literature

Gershon Shafir, Professor, Sociology

Olga Vásquez, Associate Professor, Communication

Dana Velasco Murillo, Assistant Professor, History

Mariana R. Wardwell, Assistant Professor, Visual Arts

Daniel Widener, Associate Professor, History

Tom K. Wong, Assistant Professor, Political Science

Elana Zilberg, Associate Professor, Communication