Critical Gender Studies

All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.

Core Faculty

Dayo F. Gore, PhD, Critical Gender Studies and Ethnic Studies
Jillian Hernandez, PhD, Critical Gender Studies and Ethnic Studies
Sara Clarke Kaplan, PhD, Critical Gender Studies (Director, 2017–2020) and Ethnic Studies

Affiliated Faculty

Steering Committee

Erica Cho, MFA, Visual Arts
Joseph Hankins, PhD, Anthropology
Alanna Aiko Moore, MLIS, UC San Diego Library
Hoang Nguyen, PhD, Literature
Elaine Tanaka, MD, Surgery


Suzanne Brenner, PhD, Anthropology
Hanna Garth, PhD, Anthropology
Joseph Hankins, PhD, Anthropology
Dredge Kang, PhD, Anthropology
Amy Non, PhD, Anthropology
Shirley Strum, PhD, Anthropology
Saiba Varma, PhD, Anthropology


Patty Ahn, PhD, Communication
Patrick Anderson, PhD, Communication and Ethnic Studies
Boatema Boateng, PhD, Communication
Zeinabu Davis, MFA, Communication
Kelly Gates, PhD, Communication
Valerie Hartouni, PhD, Communication
Lilly Irani, PhD, Communication
Carol Padden, PhD, Communication
David Serlin, PhD, Communication
Elana Zilberg, PhD, Communication

Education Studies

Makeba Jones, PhD, Education Studies

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Tara Javidi, PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ethnic Studies

Kirstie Dorr, PhD, Ethnic Studies
Yen Le Espiritu, PhD, Ethnic Studies
Roshanak Kheshti, PhD, Ethnic Studies
Curtis Marez, PhD, Ethnic Studies
Shelley Streeby, PhD, Ethnic Studies
Daphne Taylor-Garcia, PhD, Ethnic Studies
Ana Celia Zentella, PhD, Ethnic Studies


Nancy Caciola, PhD, History
Suzanne Cahill, PhD, History
Todd Henry, PhD, History
Deborah Hertz, PhD, History
Judith Hughes, PhD, History
Christine F. Hunefeldt, PhD, History
Rachel Klein, PhD, History
Weijing Lu, PhD, History
Simeon Man, PhD, History
Wendy Matsumura, PhD, History
Natalia M. Molina, PhD, History
Rebecca Plant, PhD, History
Pamela Radcliff, PhD, History
Cynthia Truant, PhD, History
Daniel Widener, PhD, History


John Blanco, PhD, Literature
Dennis R. Childs, PhD, Literature
R. Michael Davidson, PhD, Literature
Ben Doller, MFA, Literature
Page du Bois, PhD, Literature
Fatima El-Tayeb, PhD, Literature and Ethnic Studies
Camille Forbes, PhD, Literature
Ari Heinrich, PhD, Literature
Stephanie Jed, PhD, Literature
Sara Johnson, PhD, Literature
Todd Kontje, PhD, Literature
Jin-Kyung Lee, PhD, Literature
Lisa Lowe, PhD, Literature
Luis Martin-Cabrera, PhD, Literature
Louis Montrose, PhD, Literature
Hoang Nguyen, PhD, Literature
Roddey Reid, PhD, Literature
Rosaura Sánchez, PhD, Literature
Kathryn Shevelow, PhD, Literature
Anna Joy Springer, MFA, Literature
Nicole Tonkovich, PhD, Literature
Ameeth Vijay, PhD, Literature
Cynthia Walk, PhD, Literature
Kathryn Walkiewicz, PhD, Literature
Megan E. Wesling, PhD, Literature
Winifred Woodhull, PhD, Literature
Oumelbanine Zhiri, PhD, Literature


Sarah Hankins, PhD, Music
Jann Pasler, PhD, Music
Carol Plantamura, MFA, Music

Political Science

Ann Craig, PhD, Political Science


Christine R. Harris, PhD, Psychology

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Brad Werner, PhD, Scripps Institution of Oceanography


Abigail Andrews, PhD, Sociology
Mary Blair-Loy, PhD, Sociology
Bennetta Jules-Rosette, PhD, Sociology
Rebecca Klatch, PhD, Sociology
Martha Lampland, PhD, Sociology
Mary Walshok, PhD, Sociology


Elaine Tanaka, MD, Surgery

Theatre and Dance

Nadine George-Graves, PhD, Theatre and Dance
Jorge Huerta, PhD, Theatre and Dance
Emily Roxworthy, PhD, Theatre and Dance
Janet Smarr, PhD, Theatre and Dance

Visual Arts

Lisa Cartwright, PhD, Visual Arts and Communication
Erica Cho, MFA, Visual Arts
Babette Mangolte, PhD, Visual Arts
Susan Smith, PhD, Visual Arts
Alena Williams, PhD, Visual Arts