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All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice. Updates to curricular sections may be found on the Academic Senate website: http://senate.ucsd.edu/Curriculum/Updates.htm.

Judaic studies is an interdisciplinary program offering courses, majors, minors, concentrations, and master degrees that draw upon a variety of perspectives. (Information about related doctoral programs, the PhD in ancient history, and the PhD in anthropology can be found below.) Courses are offered in the Departments of Anthropology, Communication, History, Literature, Music, Political Science, Philosophy, and Sociology. Additionally, the Department of Literature offers students within the Literatures of the World major (or a combined Literature of the World and classical studies major), to concentrate on Judaic literature.

In addition, Revelle and Muir Colleges have noncontiguous minors in Judaic studies and in Hebrew language and literature; Warren College has Judaic studies and Hebrew literature concentrations; and various general requirements in all colleges can be met by courses in the Judaic area. For details students should inquire at their provost’s office or at the Judaic Studies Program office.

The Judaic Studies Program offers scholarships and fellowships for study abroad.

Students are encouraged to participate in the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP) in Jerusalem or Beersheva, and to investigate other options through the Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP). By petition, credits earned through EAP/OAP can fulfill UC San Diego degree, major, and minor requirements. Interested students should contact the Programs Abroad Office in the International Center for more information. Please visit the website at http://pao.ucsd.edu.

In addition, the Judaic Studies Program and UC San Diego Department of Anthropology offer credit and hands-on experience in Near Eastern archaeology at their archaeological field school in Israel or Jordan. Up to twelve units of academic credit may be earned through the UC San Diego Summer Session Program. Some scholarships are available through the Judaic Studies Program. For more information call the UC San Diego Summer Session Office, or visit our website at http://anthro.ucsd.edu/~tlevy for our archaeological field schools in Israel and Jordan. For a general overview of the Judaic Studies Program see http://judaicstudies.ucsd.edu.



Requirements for the major in Judaic studies are

  1. Judaic Studies 100A or 100B or equivalent; HITO 104, HITO 105
  2. Twelve upper-division courses in Judaic studies, to be selected in consultation with a faculty adviser
  3. Upper-division competence in Hebrew, normally to be fulfilled by completion of first- and second-year Hebrew language courses, or the equivalent


  1. Requirements for the minor in Judaic studies:
    1. Judaic Studies 100A or 100B, HITO 104, HITO 105
    2. Four upper-division courses in Judaic studies, to be selected in consultation with a faculty adviser
  2. Requirements for the minor in Hebrew language and literature:

Seven quarter courses in Hebrew language and literature, ordinarily Judaic Studies 1, 2, 3, 101, 102, and 103 plus one elective course

Note: Other course combinations for the major and minor may be approved by the student’s faculty adviser.

Note: A majority of the courses for the major or minor must be taken at UC San Diego.


Following are course offerings in this area. For descriptions of the courses listed below, refer to the appropriate department’s section of the catalog.

ANLD 3. World Prehistory (4)

ANGN 100. Special Topics in Socio-Cultural Anthropology: Law, Religion, and Politics in Israel (4)

ANGN 142. Pastoralism in Archaeological Ethnographic Perspective (4)

ANGN 181. Foundations of Archaeology (4)

ANGN 183. Chiefdoms, States, and the Emergence of Civilizations (4)

ANPR 194. Archaeological Field School (4)

ANRG 116. Archaeology of the Holy Land: Prehistory (4)

ANRG 150. The Rise and Fall of Ancient Israel (4)

ANRG 162. Peoples of the Middle East (4)

ANRG 286. Archaeology, Anthropology and the Bible—Foundations, Data, and Debate

HIGR 260A-B-C. Seminar in the Judaic Studies (4-4-4)

HIGR 264. Topics in Pre-Islamic Jewish History (4)

HIGR 295. Thesis Seminar (4)

HIGR 298. Directed Reading (1-12)

HIGR 299. PhD Thesis Direction (1-12)

HIGR 500. Apprentice Teaching (1-40)

HINE 100. The Ancient Near East and Israel (4)

HINE 102. The Jews in Their Homeland in Antiquity (4)

HINE 103. The Jewish Diaspora in Antiquity (4)

HINE 104. The Bible and the Ancient Near East: The Primary History (4)

HINE 105. The Bible and the Near East: The Prophets (4)

HINE 106. The Bible and the Near East: The Writings (4)

HINE 108. The Middle East before Islam (4)

HINE 109. Learning to Read Biblical Hebrew (4)

HINE 114. History of the Islamic Middle East (4)

HINE 116. The Middle East in the Age of European Empires (1798 to 1914) (4)

HINE 118. The Middle East in the Twentieth Century (4)

HINE 151A/251A. Introduction to Aramaic Language (4)

HINE 151B/251B. Introduction to Aramaic Dialects (4)
Prerequisites: previous course.

HINE 151C/251C. Introduction to Aramaic Dialects (4)
Prerequisites: previous course.

HINE 152A/252A. The Evolution of the Northwest Semitic Dialects (4)
Prerequisites: knowledge of at least one Semitic language; a course in general linguistics also desirable.

HINE 152B/252B. Introduction to Ugaritic (4)
Prerequisites: previous course.

HINE 152C/252C. Advanced Ugaritic (4)
Prerequisites: previous course.

HINE 153A/253A. Introduction to Akkadian Language and Mesopotamian Culture (4)

HINE 153B/253B. Continued Akkadian Language (4)
Prerequisites: previous course.

HINE 153C/253C. Advanced Akkadian Language (4)
Prerequisites: previous course.

HINE 161/261. Seminar in the Hebrew Bible (4)

HINE 166/266. Nationalism in the Middle East (4)

HINE 170/270. Special Topics in Jewish History (4)

HINE 181/281. Problems in Hebrew Manuscripts (4)

HINE 186/286. Topics in Middle Eastern History (4)

HINE 199. Independent Study in Near Eastern History (4)

HITO 104. The Jews and Judaism in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds (4)

HITO 105. The Jews and Judaism in the Modern World (4)

HITO 106. How Jewish Women Lived in Modern Times (4)

Humanities 1. The Foundations of Western Civilization: Israel and Greece (6)

LTCO 212. Studies in the Hebrew Bible (4)

LTEU 105. Medieval Studies: Crusade, Conquest, Conversion in Medieval Literature (4)

LTNE 101. Bible: The Narrative Books (4)

LTNE 102. Bible: The Prophetic Books (4)

LTNE 103. Bible: The Poetic Books (4)

LTWL 115. Contemporary Literature/Italy and Holocaust: Jewish Experience in Literature (4)

LTWL 134. A Cultural History of American Jewry (4)

LTWL 138. Critical Religion Studies (4)

LTWL 148. Yiddish Literature in Translation (4)

LTWL 198. Directed Group Study (4)

LTWL 199. Special Studies (4)