The Chicano/a–Latino/a Arts
and Humanities Minor (CLAH)

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The Minor

The Chicano/a~Latino/a Arts and Humanities minor is an interdisciplinary minor that provides a broad introduction to the histories and cultural artifacts produced by Spanish-speaking communities in the United States. Through a coordinated course of study drawing upon course offerings in the Departments of Theatre and Dance, Ethnic Studies, Communication, History, Literature, and other departments, students will gain an understanding of this important segment of the US population.


Students will have the equivalent of two years of Spanish language instruction at UC San Diego. Satisfactory completion of Lit/Span 2A, B, C or Lit/Span 2D or Lit/Span 2E will satisfy this requirement. Students may count one lower-division language course (four units) towards the total unit requirement.

Students will complete twenty-eight total units of which at least twenty (five courses) must be upper division. Students may take no more than three upper-division courses in any one department. The required distribution of the five upper-division courses may be selected from among the following courses. Students may petition to receive credit for courses not listed below.


(Partial List)


COMM 140. Cinema in Latin America

COMM 155. Latino Space, Place, and Culture


Note: many ETHN courses are cross-listed courses from other departments.

ETHN 101. Ethnic Images in Film

ETHN 105. Ethnic Diversity and the City

ETHN 140. Language and American Ethnicity

ETHN 141. Language, Culture, and Inequality

ETHN 189. Special Topics in Ethnic Studies


HILD 7C. History of Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.

HIUS 167. Topics in Mexican American History

HIUS 180. Colloquium on the Recent History of Immigration, Ethnicity, and Citizenship in the Twentieth-Century U.S.

HIUS 158. Social and Economic History of the Southwest I

HIUS 159. Social and Economic History of the Southwest II

HILA 131. History of Mexico

HILA 132. Contemporary Mexico

HILA 122. Cuba


The following courses are taught in Spanish–Literature Spanish (LTSP):

LTSP 130B. Introduction to Latin American Literature

LTSP 135B. Modern Mexican Literature

LTSP 136. Andean Literature

LTSP 137. Caribbean Literature

LTSP 150A. Early Latino/a and Chicano/a Cultural Production 1848–1960

LTSP 150B. Contemporary Latino/a and Chicano/a Cultural Production 1960 to present

LTSP 151. Topics in Chicano/a and Latino/a Cultures

LTSP 153. Chicano/a and Latino/a Poetry

LTSP 154. Chicano/a and Latino/a Literatures

LTSP 162. Spanish Language in the U.S.

The following courses are taught in English–Literature English (LTEN) and Literature of the Americas (LTAM):

LTEN 180. Chicano Literature in English

LTAM 100. Latino/a Cultures in the United States

LTAM 101. Early Latino/a and Chicano/a Cultures: 1848–1960

LTAM 102. Contemporary Latino/a and Chicano/a Cultural Production 1960 to present

LTAM 105. Gender and Sexuality in Chicano/a and Latino/a Cultural Production

LTAM 106. Modern Chicana and Mexican Women Writers

LTAM 107. Comparative Latino/a and US Ethnic Cultures

LTAM 108. Chicano/a and Latino/a Cultures: Intellectual and Political Traditions

LTAM 109. Cultural Production of the Latino/a Diasporas

LTAM 110. Latin American Literature in Translation

LTAM 120. Mexican Literature in Translation


MUS 13AM. World Music/Multicultural America


TDHT 108. Luis Valdez

TDHT 110. Chicano Dramatic Literature

TDHT 111. Hispanic American Dramatic Literature

TDHT 112. Gay and Lesbian Themes in US Latino Theatre


VIS 126AN. Pre-Columbian Art of Ancient Mexico and Central America

VIS 126BN. The Art and Civilization of the Ancient Maya

VIS 126G. Problems in Mesoamerican Art History

VIS 126H. Problems in Ancient Maya Iconography and Inscriptions